Monthly Training Summary

OCTOBER 2023: "THE BRING BACK MOTIONS" (by Dr. Jacqueline Roundtree, Esq. (PRP))

“TAKE FROM THE TABLE” (RONR (12th Ed.) 34:1, p. 283)

If it is desired to resume consideration of a main motion which lies on the table, it can be proposed by means of the motion “Take from the Table,” that motion or series becomes pending again.


(RONR (12th Ed.) 35:1, p. 288)

RESCIND: This motion is used to cancel something that the voting body did at a previous meeting.

AMEND SOMETHING PREVIOUSLY ADOPTED: This motion is used to modify the wording or text previously adopted or to substitute a different version.

Things That Can’t be Rescinded:

     (1) A vote after something has been done as the result of that vote and it is too late to undo it

     (2) An action in the nature of a contract, once the other party in the contract has been notified

     (3) A resignation that has been acted upon

     (4) An election or expulsion from membership if the person was present or has already been notified

     (5) A motion that could still be reconsidered

“DISCHARGE A COMMITTEE” (RONR (12th Ed.) 36:1, p. 293)

If a matter has been assigned to a committee that has not yet made its final report and the assembly wants to take the matter of the committee’s hands, then this is the motion.

“RECONSIDER” (RONR (12th Ed.) 37:1, p. 298)

The adoption of this motion is to erase the original vote on the motion and put the assembly in exactly the same place it was in right before the original vote.

What Can't be Reconsidered:

     (1) A motion that can be renewed

     (2) A Negative vote on a motion, which at the time the motion to Reconsider is made, would be out of because:

             (a) It conflicts with a motion previously adopted and still in force

             (b) It conflicts with a motion which has been temporarily (not finally) disposed of, which remains in the control of the assembly

             (c) It would be in conflict with a pending motion if that motion were adopted

             (d) An affirmative vote whose provisions have been partly carried out

             (e) An affirmative vote in the nature of a contract when the party to the contract has been notified of the outcome

             (f) Any vote which has caused something to be done that is impossible to undo

             (g) A vote on a motion to Reconsider

             (h) When practically the same result as desired can be obtained by some other parliamentary motion

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