Did You Know?

Did You Know...?

. . . when making a motion, a member should say “I move to,” and not “I make a motion.”

. . . a member does not need to be recognized to second a motion

. . . a nomination does not require a second

. . . to amend a motion, you may move to: "add," "insert," "strike out," or "strike out and insert" text

. . . nominations for an office may be made in three ways:

     - nominations from the floor

     - nominations by petition

     - nominations by a nominating committee

. . . the president should give the maker of a motion the first chance to discuss it

. . . the president should never ask ("call") for abstentions, and abstentions are never counted by the teller

. . . bylaws may never be suspended

. . . the report of a "special committee" is presented under "unfinished business," not "new business."

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